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Career Counselling

Career counselling helps you explore your interests, strengths, values, and goals to make
decisions that align with your aspirations to better achieve career satisfaction and success. Career counselling can involve:


Career counsellors work with clients to explore their interests, values, personality traits, and skills. They help clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves to identify potential career paths that match their strengths and preferences.


Career assessments and inventories may be used to assess your aptitudes, interests, and personality traits. These assessments can provide valuable insights to guide career choices.

Goal Setting and action planning:

Reverse engineering and creatively setting SMART short, medium and long term goals and step my step achievable actions to achieve them.

Educational and Career Planning:

Counsellors help clients develop a plan for achieving their career goals. This may involve choosing the right academic programs, training, certifications, or skill development opportunities.

Job Search Skills:

The process may include practical guidance on job search strategies, including resume writing, interview preparation, networking, and job market research.

Career Transitions:

Career counselling is not limited to individuals just starting their careers. It also assists individuals facing career changes or transitions, such as those considering a new profession or returning to the workforce after a break.

Work-Life Balance:

Counsellors may address work-life balance issues, helping clients find careers that align with their personal values and life priorities, and importantly strategies to manage the physical and psychological demands of work.

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